Music licensing for games

Music clearance for game developers and gamemusic producers.  Music consulting, music legal advice  and music contracts.

Copyrights, publishing rights, master rights.

Master Use & Sync License


GameMusicLicense.comServices offers specialized music legal advice, pro-active lawyering and legal solutions for the game industry. These legal services are tailored to the special and specialist legal requirements of game developers, music supervisors and game studios.

Specialized music related legal services provided by GameMusicLicense include:

  • Music Clearance;
  • Music Consulting;
  • Music Contracts;
  • Preliminary advice and information on music-related legal and business matters including copyright, licensing and publishing, royalties, business names and structures, insurance and employment law, legal disclaimers;
  • Copyright Registration;
  • Advice about covers, remixes, use of samples;
  • Legal advice about in game music video's;
  • Terms and Conditions / Terms of Use;
  • Custom Legal Disclaimers and Legal Disclaimer check;
  • Proactive lawyering, risk analysis and risk management;  
  • License Agreements

Here at you can find music contracts, advice and information on contract negotiation strategy, gamemusic clearance, contract options, legal disclaimers, copyrights registration, licensing, publishing, sample clearance, remixes, covers, upc and isrc codes, performing rights associations, royalties, legal labelcoaching, how to secure your brandname and more.

Because of our shared legal and musical background we can empathize with our clients and are able to defend your interests in a professional and branch sensitive way.

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