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Game Music License About Us provides this site as a service to game developers, game studios, musician's, composers, producers, labels, booking agency's, music supervisors, record companies, music consultants, A&R people, artist-managers and other people working in the game and music-industries. is a trade name of MusicaJuridica. 

MusicaJuridica was founded in 2010 by Mauritz Kop LL.M., lawyer, composer, producer & musician and specialized in the intellectual property law niche of music and entertainment industries. MusicaJuridica is dedicated to provide musicians, labels and other people working in the music industry with professional legal solutions.

MusicaJuridica offers practical music law related informational services to musicians, composers, producers, labels, game makers, online music stores, festivals, artists, advertising agencies and records companies operating across the music and entertainment industries. 

Because of our shared legal (as laywer and academic writer) and musical background (as composer, musician, producer and label owner), we speak the language of our clients and are able to defend your interests in a professional and committed way.

In addition, MusicaJuridica runs an online mastering service called "ITB Mastering", which focuses on professional quality digital mastering through a personal and professional service.

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