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Music is a crucial part of game development. Effective audio branding can make the difference between a definite money maker or a meaningless miss. Whenever you intend to use copyrighted (usually non-public domain) music in your game, you'll need permission. The process of getting music permission is called clearance. After getting clearance the game studio is authorised to use the music. In practice, this means you and your music startup need a master use & sync license.

The process of licensing music from multiple copyrightholders, across multiple territories with different jurisdictions, can be a real challenge. We are here to help you understand the basics of music copyright clearance.

We can also help you with getting the right type of music into your games.

The first step in securing the necessary music rights for your game is locating both the owner of the song (publishing rights) and the owner of the recording (master rights). They both need to give permission. It is important to distinguish between publishing rights and master rights: these are two completely different entities. In case you make your own recording of a song you only need to locate the owner of the publishing rights.

Subtypes of publishing rights (relevant in the context of music clearance for audiovisual works such as games) are mechanical rights, synchronizations rights, lyric rights and performance rights.

Subtypes of master recording rights in the present gamemusic context are reproduction rights, video rights and the rights of the actual musicians performing on the Master.

It is equally important to distinguish between various types of music since each type is subject to different rules and regulations and thus requires a different approach in the music clearance process.

The second step is negotiating contract terms such as scope, territory, duration and royalty payments. Be tactical and strategic.

The final step is drafting or reviewing the necessary licenses, generally a seperate or combined master use & sync license.

The most important thing, again, is that you need permission from each copyrightholder involved in a particular music production before you launch your game. Never use a song from an unresponsive or unfindable artist!

A crucial part of the music supervision process is securing copyright clearance. We can advice you on these matters, assist you, point you in the right direction. We can even be your music consultant! Feel free to contact us about the possibilities without obligation. - Music Permission - Music for Games - Gamemusic Copyrights - Secure Videogame Music Rights - Master Use & Sync License - Music Lawyer - Music Supervision Process - Authorised Use - Audio Branding for Games

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